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    Computer Secrets Unleashed 
    Let's get to the point.
    • Your want a computer that is fast and stable. -- (Is It?)
    • Your computer used to be pretty speedy but these days it is getting sloooower....and sloooooooooooooooooooower...and slooooooooooooooooooooooooooooower. (Sound Familiar?)
    • You had your eye on a new computer this year....until the economy tanked.... and now you realize you're going to have to make your current machine last a little longer. (Are You Worried?)
    • You know you should have a RELIABLE, AUTOMATED backup. You even heard that commercial on the radio where they said that EVERY YEAR, 43% of computer users lose irreplaceable emails, documents, photos, and other files. But your backup strategy do it when you remember, every now and then, or not at all! (Do You?)
    • You live in fear of the Conficker worm, or whatever the flavor-of-the-month is? Your machine has been acting funny lately, and you suspect you it might be on your machine, poised to strike. (It It?)
    • You traded in your trusty old Windows XP computer for one with Vista, and now you are wondering... “ supposed to be an UPGRADE?(What the …!?) 

     Red Check Screaming FAST
     Red Check   Rock-Solid Reliable
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  •  Free of Popups, Viruses, Spyware and Adware
     Red Check   100% Backed Up by a Foolproof, Automated Backup System

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     Red Check Protected from Hackers, Bots, and Worms (like Conficker)
     Red Check   Able to Share any Files or Printers with other computers in your home/office
     Red Check Remotely Accessible from Anywhere in the World (with NO monthly fees!)!
     Red Check   Able to SPIT a $20 bill out the CD Player every 5 minutes!

    Here are just a few samples:


     Anne Easterling Anne Easterling
    Author, EZ Savings and Fun Guide to Walt Disney World


     James Dyson



    Jack Tackett
    VP Professional Services
    Compliancy Software Inc.


     Razvan Rovinaru Razvan Rovinaru
    Internet Marketer


    Ian Harbaugh

    1. Some of the material was getting a bit outdated. Even though it is only two years old, things move fast in the computer industry. The wireless security stuff has all changed, for example.
    2. In hindsight, I left some important stuff out. Hardware troubleshooting for example.
    3. The support website, while full of some good tips and valuable information, had the potential to be so much more!

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      This version of Computer Secrets Unleashed 
       is nearly TWICE as long as the original version.
    • I added the chapter on hardware troubleshooting chapter you've been begging for!    Most techie guys talk way over your head on this stuff but it isn't that hard - I put it all in PLAIN ENGLISH, not technogarble. You'll be able to troubleshoot a malfunctioning PC in no-time flat with my cookie cutter approach to determining EXACTLY what is wrong with a computer in just a few minutes.
    • The chapter on “Best Free Software” has even MORE awesome free software, and it fully updated. (There are numerous additions and several big changes!) This chapter alone will save you hundreds of dollars.
    • I hired a team of professionals to create an awesome new support website, and I've spent hours loading content on there. The new site ROCKS! There are FAQs, video demos, articles, tips & tutorials, and more.  You'll get access to HOURS of instructional videos, a monthly "web video magazine" by yours truly with timely information, news, and information, and lots of hands-on demos where I show you right on the screen exactly how to do this stuff.
    • I have had so many people ask me how to get RID of Vista and go back to Windows XP that I wrote an entire 60 page volume on it!  Yes, an entirely new volume that walks you through the process of downgrading your Windows Vista machine to the fast, stable Windows XP Professional!
    • Windows 7 Rocks!  ...and the 2011 version of Computer Secrets Unleashed will be out in April. I have been working 18 hour days writing new chapters and recording videos - It will be jam-packed full of Windows 7 specific tutorials and videos. But don't wait! Buy this version so you'll be in my BUYERS club! Why is that awesome?
    1. BUYERS CLUB members will be able to by the new version in prelaunch, weeks before the general public release.
    2. You will get special, BUYERS CLUB ONLY pricing - your entire purchase price today will count towards the purchase of the new version in a couple months!
    • My newsletter subscribers have already submitted tons of questions and ideas for content. Any questions I get that I think would be useful to others, I create a FAQ entry, or post a video tutorial so everyone can benefit!


      1. How to buy the computer you need without getting overcharged by greedy salespeople that just want to line their pockets with commissions. Plus, who you should definitely NOT buy a computer from, and exactly how to configure your new laptop or desktop for maximum performance at the best price.
      2. How to know when it's time for a new computer, and exactly how to tell. Plus, an inexpensive upgrade and some tweaks that will turbo-charge the performance of your computer!
      3. The exact maintenance tips to do on a monthly basis to keep your computer running at top speed.
      4. The best free tools to BANISH spyware, viruses, trojans, bots, adware, worms and popups from your computer - forever!
      5. How to do an inexpensive, automatic backup of your system to prevent against data loss. You'll be surprised how easy it is to implement a hands off backup to make sure you never lose data again!
      6. The easy hardware troubleshooting guide that will show you how to diagnose any hardware problem quickly with just a few quick steps. Don't pay some condescending nerd at your local big-box store to tell you what is wrong with your computer - figure it out yourself!
      7. I have an arsenal of great, free software that will really make your life easier. Believe me, I've waded through every freeware and shareware product out there over the years, and this is the cream of the crop. Load these programs on your machine and you'll be on easy street!
      8. And a few extra tips that I won't mention other than to say they are definitely valuable and will save you time and give you some new ways to do things that will make your life easier

      1. The one piece of networking equipment that you absolutely must own to protect yourself from Internet bandits. I absolutely refuse to let any of my clients go without one of these. 
      2. Simple, step-by-step instructions to hook up every computer you own - desktop, laptop, wired, wireless, you name it, into your own home or small office Local Area Network. 
      3. Share files between computers with ease, print to any printer on the network, and surf the Internet from any computer.
      4. Easy wiring instructions for every scenario. Whether you have a single computer in one room or multiple computers your home or office, I'll show you how simple and easy it is to get all your computers talking to one another.
      5. Got wireless?  No problem - I'll have you sitting on your couch, securely surfing the Internet in no time. You'll be amazed how much work you can get done while you relax in front of the TV. (That's what I'm doing right now!)
      6. Are you thinking about signing up for an expensive service like GoToMyPC so you can access your home or office computer from somewhere else? Don't waste your money! I'll show you how to set this up using FREE software with NO monthly charges. You can take over your home or office computer from anywhere in the world! Check your email, work on a document, it's just like being in front of your own computer. (This will save you more in one month than the entire cost of this book!)
      7. Is your network growing? No problem! I'll show you the professional way to add dozens more wired machines, expand your wireless coverage area, and more! Then, I'll reveal my source so you can buy the supplies and do it yourself for a fraction of the cost!
      8. Others tips that will save you hundreds. Seriously, if I came over to and did all this stuff for you, we're talking big bucks. I charge $100/hr minimum for networking jobs, and let's just say my car payment would be taken care of for the month.

      1. How to zap Windows Vista and install Windows XP on nearly any computer. (If you purchased a new computer and hate it because it came loaded with Windows Vista, this is exactly what you've been looking for!)
      2. Where to locate and how to install the latest drivers for your computer.
      3. How to create a Windows XP Boot CD, even if you currently are getting an error message that Setup cannot detect any hard drives.
      4. How to backup and restore 100% of your data from Windows Vista to Windows XP.
      Rich, from one IT Guy to another, you've got a top quality product, clean cut, straight to the point with good screen shots and diagrams. I'm glad to see an informative guide like this come out! It helps when my customers already have a general working knowledge of what they are doing and this product will definately give them that. If people implement what you have written you are on the fast track to shutting down help desks everywhere. Great product!
      Dave Owens



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        Tasty Bonus #1: Dell Insider Secrets -  I've been working and dealing with Dell for many years. (I *ahem* have very good friends that work there...) In this special report I'll tell you the secrets to buying a Dell at the best possible price, always getting English speaking tech support, and give you my top secret list of web addresses and phone numbers. This report alone will save you hundreds of dollars off your next Dell purchase. I have sold an earlier version of this report as it's own product and have now completely revised it for 2009. (Even if you don't own or plan to buy a Dell, you will find this report fascinating at how things go on "behind the scenes" at Dell.)
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        Tasty Bonus #2:
         The SelfGeek Toolkit This zip file contains the exact contents of my personal USB Flash drive that I carry on my keychain as I visit my clients each day. You get links to every tool in my virtual toolbelt to diagnose, fix, optimize and clean up your computer AND every weapon in my arsenal to battle and eradicate spyware, adware, and viruses. It has taken me years to assemble and perfect this list of software - and every single last piece of it is FREE.
      • Tasty Bonus #3:   The SelfGeek Dispatch - My twice-weekly newsletter, delivered right to your email inbox. You'll get new tips and tricks, breaking news on virus and malware outbreaks, and tons of other great information!
      • Tasty Bonus #4:   The SelfGeek BUYERS Club Membership - Membership has its priveleges - you'll always be the first to receive special reports, and of course the super discounted pre-release pricing on any new products I produce. (The next one is in April!)

      I have gone through this report and I feel it is underpriced for the information it contains. Explanations are clear, theory just deep enough without being too complex. If you are at all practical, do it yourself and save a fortune on labor costs. Once you have installed a network yourself perhaps do it for friends and make a small profit.

      Well worth the money!

      Jim Burney
      Rich, I bought both volumes and have just finished reading Volume One. I am comfortable that I've already got full value. I look forward to reading and learning from the second book and supplementary messages etc.

      Short review - Get them BOTH before Rich comes to his senses about his pricing!
      John Williams

       The SelfGeek Manifesto
      Volume 1:
      PC Tips & Tricks
       The SelfGeek Manifesto
      Volume 2:
      Home & Small Office Networking
       The SelfGeek Manifesto
      Volume 3:
      Downgrading Vista to XP

       The SelfGeek Toolkit
      The SelfGeek Toolkit

      All of this, only...

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      • Computer is Infected with a virus
      • Computer is full of spyware, malware, trojans, or popups
      • Hard drive crashes, no backup, all data lost
      • Computer is too slooooooooooooow to get anything done!
      • Infected by the Conficker worm, or one of his cousins.

    • What happens if your computer crashes?  What would you lose?  Are you SURE you've got a backup?
    • How much time (and money) could you save?  ...If you weren't waiting around on that slow computer?
    • Would it be worth $37 to NOT have to buy a new computer?  (If you're thinking about buying a new one...)

    Go ahead → Click It!